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Welcome! My name is Angeliki Koskeridou, I am a psychotherapist, a holistic therapist and a naturopathic. Graduate of Naturopathic Medicine from the University of Westbrook, USA, retrained in Health Psychology "Msc Health Psychology", having completed basic studies in Synthetic Counseling Psychology, Psychotherapy and Systematic Family Intervention. I embrace the holistic view of health, psychology and life ... I invite you to discover it together through this blog!

Healthy Recipes

Our lifestyle is directly related to our sense of well-being and our health. According to new scientific research, the holistic health and wellbeing of a person is influenced by nutrition, exercise, social level, education, psychology and many other biopsychosocial factors.
Healthy Recipes
Food & Travel

Food & Travel

Holistic Holiday Programs ... A great opportunity to take a step behind our everyday life and find a moment of rest, get in touch with ourselves and just feel our inner peace. It is a way of taking time and appreciating the decisions about our lives and clearing our minds in view of the difficulties that we will have to face in the future.

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