8 Reasons Why Art Benefits Kids - Creative Homework Suggestions

8 Reasons Why Art Benefits Kids - Creative Homework Suggestions

We all unequivocally accept the need and importance for children to engage in Art. Dancing, painting, music, sculpture, theater… How delighted we are to watch a child drift away from a melody, stand with love on the board or snap a portrait through his own eyes.

But what exactly do children and young people who learn to express themselves through Art, or even as observers and listeners, hear her works?



Let's look at the reasons why we have an extra motivation these days when kids with us are required to stay at home, to encourage them to engage in creative matters and objects as much as possible.


1. Creativity

Children explore, seek, construct and create something entirely their own, through their imagination. Talent is of course of little value in need of expression, so all children should be equally supported.

And what do they earn? They learn to think outside the box - 'outside of the box' as the English rightly say - to link ideas seemingly unrelated to each other and to innovate with a spirit of freedom that our society so desperately needs.


2. Strengthens the nervous system

The Arts require the arousal and cooperation of all senses. Eyesight, hearing, touch, smell and taste all require more or less depending on the activity. The brain's neurons are activated while the child is experimenting, creating, mixing colors and gliding their hands on paper, clay, or experimenting with other materials.


3. Improves motor skills

Using brushes, scissors, playing with plasticine, designing, combining colors, as well as moving, dancing, music that an immature child can play from a musical instrument all require precision and a movement coordination. The child thus, through constant occupation, manages to improve and refine his motor skills more and more.


4. Supports self-confidence

The feeling of satisfaction arising from a completed work or a successful performance (whether it be dance or theater) is one of the greatest benefits Art offers to children. They rely on their own strengths to create a substantive effect on their own, and the confidence built through this process is the greatest reward.



5. They discover aspects of themselves

Perhaps one of the most important things Art offers is the ability to discover aspects of ourselves on an emotional or practical level. On the one hand, children learn to manipulate their bodies, to control themselves, to discover abilities and skills, and to ultimately love their body and mind. A bet to be won at a young age.


6. Boosts concentration

Every form of Art requires more or less concentration and discipline. Insofar as instructions or requirements do not suppress a child's expression, they support concentration and discipline. The dedication required is based on concentration, until the goal is achieved. Here dance and theater are very typical examples of these skills being developed. In the end, after a successful outcome, children can feel very proud, happy, and full of themselves.


7. Expression

The basis, the motivation and the starting point in art history have always been the expression. And so children, through their work, learn to communicate to the world what is inside them. Their movements and choices are the result of their emotions, their mental state. Every project, every move can 'talk' about them, help them get released.


8. Cooperation

Particularly in group arts, where contact, communication, dialogue, and teacher guidance are required, children learn to operate in a collective context. Here the children develop at the same time individually and as a group. They realize that their individual success has a direct effect on the team and vice versa.


So the Arts can take us somewhere else, somewhere far away. In a unique way, it cultivates the soul and the spirit. That is why, when we are able to introduce children to art from an early age, their benefits are many and significant!


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By Dr Angel,

Aggeliki Koskeridou

Holistic Doctor – Counseling Psychotherapist

Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine

MSc Health Psychology


insta: dr_aggelikikoskeridou_official 


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