Beograd: The White City at the crossroads of the Sava and Danube

Beograd: The White City at the crossroads of the Sava and Danube

You have at least 50 reasons to visit Belgrade, in Serbian "Београд" which means White City.

The first 44 reasons to visit are because Belgrade has so far been destroyed in a total of 115 wars! The last time it was bombed was 20 years ago, in 1999 by NATO.

The 45th reason is that the White City was "the apple of contention" for all the empires that the European continent experienced because of its strategic position. The 46th reason is its geographical location, at the confluence of two major rivers of the imposing Danube and the Savva that crosses all over the former Yugoslavia.

The 47th reason to make a trip to Belgrade is that this city carries a culture centuries before the Slavs arrived. The 48th is because raki exists not only in Crete but also in Belgrade. The 49th because it satisfies the lovers of museums and monuments, and the 50th is that you get to Belgrade by train for those who don't love airplanes.


Day and night in Kalemegdan

Kalemegdan offers a unique view wherever you visit. It is a park on the Šumadija hill just above the delta of the Sava and Danube rivers. From there you can see all of Belgrade in the sunlight or at night illuminated. In the park there are monuments from the Roman era up to World War II and of course there is the magnificent medieval fortress that dominated the previous centuries.

The city tour should continue on the famous Knez Michailova pedestrian street with its imposing 19th century buildings and shop windows. The old town is full of cafes, restaurants and bars and of course full of people. There you will hear and learn the word "eliiveli", it means "our health" and it is said every time you clink glasses of wine, beer or "Rakija", yes raki in Serbia!

Very close to Greek cuisine is "ćevapi" which is nothing more than kebabs, as well as "Burek" which are the pies we all love. Of course, Belgrade is a modern city and can satisfy every taste, such as that of vegans.

A visit to the temple of Saint Savva, which is the largest temple of Orthodox Christianity in the world, is also a must!

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