Can holidays save our relationship?

Can holidays save our relationship?

Surely some of us will have already decided how to spend their holidays. Others may still have them booked. We all, though, wait for them with great anxiety. But let us see what can destroy our holidays, to take our measures and, first and foremost, to protect our relationship!

It is good to know - if we have not already realized - what are the positive and what the negatives of holidays.



How holidays can help in the relationship

 1. Activities can stimulate our passion

On holidays we usually have the mood and enthusiasm to do new and maybe somewhat extreme things for us. This is something that stimulates self-confidence, puts us in tribulations and is certainly quite entertaining. This can include something simple, such as cycling, hiking in nature and in remote places, and cooking lessons, diving lessons, skydiving or whatever else we have in mind.

These activities definitely get another charm and interest when both take part. On the one hand, common experiences for a couple, in a relaxing environment, quickly become an adhesive. They discover aspects of themselves and all this is filled with passion and energy both.

On the other hand, support and encouragement from one another to be tempted to try something new, but also to bring a small test, can open a new 'doorway' to the relationship that will lead to deeper communication , mutual interest and passion.

2. Our trips are full of experiences

Pairs can take advantage of the journey to create new experiences and other meaning in their relationship. Reverting to our memory beautiful experiences with our partner or partner is something that brings us spontaneously closer, while in these experiences it is even better when we share and funny moments.

3. You may learn something new about your partner

Long-standing relationships have to deal with the risk of routine, baldness, 'I know my partner so well' that nothing excites the enthusiasm or the interest. The holidays come to shake this situation and why not, give you the opportunity to discover something new to your other half, but also to yourself. Give opportunity to your relationship, take initiatives, dare new things out of your own well-established and injured you will not go out.


But there are serious 'cons' that might be fatal to ignore

 1. Interdependence and continuous contact on holidays can quickly friction

The lives of two people in a relationship are interwoven, interfering, and surely everyone's choices definitely have an impact on each other's life. This, to some extent, is manageable. Think that in everyday life this is balanced by the absence, because of work or other obligations.

However, during holidays EVERYTHING must be decided jointly. Where to stay, how to move, what to eat and how to spend the hours together. If there is already a conflict between your desire for independence and the compromises imposed by the relationship, then the holidays will surely exacerbate your concerns. Relevant research that focuses on the reasons that usually couples fight about, shows that the use of leisure time is the fourth most serious cause, even during a period of vacation ...



2. If you are already having problems with your relationship, holidays are likely to make them worse

Perhaps at first glance, the argument here contradicts what we said above, but if you think it better, you will understand that it has a solid basis. The journey for two 'imposes' lasting contact and communication. Isolation or autonomy is not foreseen on holiday days. Therefore, if there is already a problem in communication, attitudes or approaches, in such an environment it surely swells.

A survey, where teachers attended, showed that during the summer, when occupations were home for more hours, conflicts were more intense.

3. Travel can be tedious and exhausting

Who can travel in hours, drive endless kilometers and get exhausted in the hotel bed? Some people endure it, they consider it part of the 'little adventure' they have before them or, in general, they do not care very much. For others, however, this holiday data is prohibitive. It may be the beginning of the end, and it is good to take it into account when planning our holiday. The fatigue we carry from work, everyday life or other personal difficulties may require simpler holidays, definitely relaxing and quiet.


So what do we do to avoid the holiday traps and to ensure the health of our relationship?

  • Try new things that will interest both of you.
  • If your relationship is in a crisis and yet you both want to spend the holidays together, plan a relaxing trip, which in general choices will reduce the chances of conflict. Do not forget to include activities that will stimulate the interest of both of you.
  • Give space to your partner too. It is a good idea to make decisions together, especially for the somewhat more important issues. And even if you make a wrong assessment or the result of your choice was not what you wanted, do not look for responsibilities. See the generally relaxed mood.
  • Do not reach your physical strength. Tiredness is generally a bad counselor. If what you lack (both) is relaxation and relaxation in a beautiful and tranquil setting, ensure this.
  • If the very close contact during your vacation is tiring, plan some independent activity. Take your camera for example, a peaceful morning, before anyone else wake up, and wander with your peace of mind in the particular corners of your destination.

Of course, this is not a recipe for your problem. It's just some tips that give you a small picture of what you could avoid and what to do before you decide to make your suitcases!



Aggeliki Koskeridou

Holistic Doctor – Counseling Psychotherapist

Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine

MSc c. Health Psychology

insta: dr_aggelikikoskeridou_official 

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