Cynical Exchange to Personal Relations

Cynical Exchange to Personal Relations


Healthy relations rely on a balanced interaction between human. Although, it is common to confuse personal relations with professional connections, a fact that creates huge problems and emotional exhaustion. First of all, we should understand the fact that relationship is romantic exchange between to people who aim to develop an emotional bond by mutual

So in the case that the romantic exchange exists, there may be traces of cynicism in the relationship. Frequently, this condition appears to be legitimate and acceptable as long as it depends on the conscious choice of both parts. Unfortunately, sometimes partner ignores the deepest cynical motives of his lover, a situation which is probably going to lead to mental trauma, disappointment and low self - esteem.

In addition, there are cases where cynical exchange is the main source of starting and maintain the relationship in cases where the romantic exchange disappears. Usually, the promoter of the cynical relationship is aware of the deeper motives and seeks to engage in a love affair for the sake of his own interests, while the recipient may be completely ignorant or suspicious.

If the recipient of the cynicism realizes the situation and consents to it, then the mental trauma that will result from the termination of the relationship may be limited, although, usually the recipients are unaware.

What is actually the romantic and the cynical exchange? As a romantic exchange we refer to the romantic relationship and interaction of two partners who enter into a relationship and aim to connect emotionally. The romantic relationship is mostly based on romance, emotion, the concept of love, individual sharing of experiences and acceptance.

The romantic relationship is mostly based on romance, emotion, the concept of love, individual sharing of experiences and acceptance. These are the intangible ingredients that the partner needs to receive from the other. Just like hunger get caused by lack of nutrients, people need to get something they are probably missing and do not have as personalities from their partner.

On the contrary, cynical exchange is considered as the relationship in which there is a material exchange whether it translates as financial recovery of one partner from the other or any form of recovery and "utilization" of the relationship. Of course there are limits in both cases so that the relationship remains healthy and romantic.

Generally, a relationship may be romantic , although due to a difficulty, the other partner should provide support to the relationship with the initials until the conditions return to normal, such as when someone loses his job or home. If the "assisted" partner takes
advantage of the support that his partner provides to him, this is described as a cynical relationship.

If, respectively, the supportive mate exploits the fact that the other mate needs help, then the situation is described also as a cynical exchange even in the case that the motivator of the abuser doesn’t come from material needs. Like the need to impose power on our example.

In conclusion, romantic exchange is non material, while cynical exchange can be presented as material or intangible depending on needs and motivations.

By Dr Angel,

Dr Koskeridou Aggeliki (ProfDc, MSc, MBA, BSc (Hons), HND, ND)

ProfDc Psychotherapy, MSc Health Psychology, Naturopathic Doctor

AIU Dean & Director, Clinical Professor, Inventor, Holistic Therapist, ΟΛΟΝ™ Ίασης Founder

Insta: @Dr_AggelikiKoskeridou_Official

T.: +30 215 215 1990


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