Electronic games - Pleasant surprises and traps for our children

Electronic games - Pleasant surprises and traps for our children

If you have children, especially at the age of 5 or 6 years old plus, you will surely have worried about the content of electronic gaming that is readily available. In many cases, they are violent toys, fairly plausible, and besides cultivating a culture of war, they also hide many reactionary ideological messages.

Now, because many millions of dollars are behind every application, platform, and everything, they are designed with so much attention that it is almost impossible for a child not to want to play with it, but also to be enthusiastic in favor of it, other activity.

It is worth noting that electronic games affect - and it is next - and the natural games children will play with their friends in school and squares. They affect an important part of their everyday life, and consequently their perception and psychology, and this in a way requires parental (and not only) supervision of the content.

Without trying to investigate this development in the entertainment sector, we suggest that simple parents, carers and various professionals involved in children's education be open to all these developments. Strengthen the defence of children in all kinds of challenges, promote self-control, self-determination and consistency.


What can we do more?

As it is a means of entertainment that, as we said, is impossible to avoid, it is advisable to direct as much content as possible, if that is possible. A range of games, whether available online for free or paid for in various stores, deal with environmental issues. Let's see some of these ...


Plan It Green

This is a game designed by National Geographic, which enables players to turn a city into an eco-friendly ecosystem. Children enter a process of improving the quality of life for residents, animals and farming.


Clim 'Way

Children through this game learn about climate change and are called to reduce energy use, carbon emissions, and increase the use of renewable energy.


Smog City 2

Here the players manage various factors that influence urban pollution levels in order to improve it. Weather conditions, energy sources and factories are some of those factors.

Sim Animals

It targets younger children and introduces them to the world of plants and animals. It enables them to control all organisms existing in a forest to improve their standard of living. They need to find appropriate food, clean polluted areas and learn when and which plants can be planted per season.


Lifeboat to Mars

Here the red planet, Mars, comes in. How can a barren planet like Mars be transformed into a real sphere? How can man intervene in this transformation? How far can technology come to support such a goal?

The children are called upon to pilot a specially designed spaceship that transports germs and a variety of plants and animals to begin the new ecosystem in the hitherto inhospitable Mars.


The category of these games, though showing innocent, educative and completely safe, you are not sure that is always so. Among the choices of games that focus on cyclical economy, environmental protection or alternative energy sources, there are also "trash".

Surprisingly, we found ourselves in front of a game that does not even put much emphasis on raccoons in Egypt, especially in Cairo, which have been for decades characterized by local 'Zabbaleen'. With cynicism - at least - the game ignores the fact that a large part of these people in real life are children, and anything other than recreational or 'educative' can be exploited by this harsh truth. Even more challenging is the very name of this game, The Garbage Dreams Game ...


Aggeliki Koskeridou

Holistic Doctor – Counseling Psychotherapist

Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine

MSc c. Health Psychology


insta: dr_aggelikikoskeridou_official 

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