Fear, Stereotypicality & Dogmatism VS Contemporaneity, Happiness & Success | Ways to synchronize Dr Koskeridou Akshara Devyani

Fear, Stereotypicality & Dogmatism VS Contemporaneity, Happiness & Success | Ways to synchronize Dr Koskeridou Akshara Devyani

Societies, laws, religious doctrines and norms have been structured and shaped according to the needs of the time. Although, while we observe that times and needs change, man evolves and slowly moves from superficial needs to a deeper search and understanding of the self, at the same time social stereotypes remain strangely the same and any effort to change or alter is associated with outcry, isolation and rejection by the people who ultimately wish to flourish.

I thought it appropriate to mention a few observations and paradoxes that occur in today's

society and act as obstacles to our prosperity, happiness and success. The key feature is the insistence on avoiding the modernization of society. The contemporaneity of the age demands the evolution and acceptance of alternative deeper concepts from classical religious, political, scientific and biopsychosocial issues to issues of faith, spirituality, philosophy, acceptance of difference, holistic therapy and psychotherapy.

We need first to ask ourselves why in some fields such as science new studies and proposals are accepted by applying evolution to, for example, the medical approach, while the possibility of development and flourishing in the field of spirituality is negated and removed? Why is the Western world trained to fear, nurtured with a lack of ethical principles as a key element, while at the same time demeaning any alternative healing approach such as Chinese medicine or Ayurveda, when in China and India it has been practiced simultaneously on millions of people for thousands of years with excellent results?

Why do we accept to introduce new approaches to "accepted" methods of treatment such as medicine and psychotherapy while refusing to see the need for the development of spirituality and flourishing in the field of religion, fighting tooth and nail to maintain a dogmatic stereotypical religious model created centuries ago for the needs of the society of the time.

Each doctrine was created at a specific time because there was a necessity to maintain 
things in order and for people to understand what they had to understand at that time. Nowadays, people appear other needs and are looking for answers to questions that are almost not allowed to be asked because they will be labelled as heretics and anti-authoritarians. When you have a 5 year old child you teach him things about the age of 5. But as he grows up you give him more food as he becomes independent and decides for himself where to go, what to learn, what to eat, who to socialize with. This would ideally be the role of the church and society. To nurture you and make you self-reliant when the time comes that you choose your path, understand the truth and be free to listen to your dreams and choices.

We need to understand now that religion is not related to spirituality. Following a doctrine does not automatically make you a devout believer. Those who follow the path of spirituality and the search for truth automatically become devoted believers in it. The absurdity here and the paradox is that social norms require committed believers while at the same time negating the freedom of spirituality. Faith is personal, not universal, so we need to perceive each person as a distinct personality, not as a part of the social whole.

The general directions laid down in the scriptures correspond to all human but are no longer 
sufficient to maintain spirituality. The direct identification of the modern era with the need to synchronize the important areas of our lives results in successful synchronicity bringing harmony, peace and collective impact.

We need to finally understand that there will always be people who will seek and eventually find the truth. There will always be people who know the right way. There will always be people - healers who will serve the world in its growth and development. There's no point in fighting these people because the truth sooner or later comes out. Is important to understand now, when the whole planet is sending out SOS signals and radical change is finally needed in key issues and important sectors of everyday life.

We have the choice to close our ears once again and our eyes and pretend not to see. But 
we also have the choice to decide this time not to make the same mistakes we have made so many times in the past, destroying the world and what we have built, to start over again. Each of us has the power to contribute to this. Get started from the realization of the basic truth and choose to remove those obstacles that keep him in bondage to oblivion and misery.

The seminar will be held in 4-5/12 online and in person by Dr Angeliki Koskeridou Akshara
Devyani at 12:00. To participate see the ways below.

The OLON Iasis™ system is the New Holistic Therapeutic Method 9 Dimensions developed by "Dr Angel" Dr Angeliki Koskeridou based on a synthesis of ancient Greek and modern therapeutic techniques. The formulation of the new therapeutic approach is influenced by Naturopathic Medicine, Positive Psychotherapy, Health Psychology, Synthetic Psychotherapy, Clinical Hypnosis, Herbal Therapy, Nutrition, Numerology, Yoga and Reiki. Synthetic holistic therapy is based on statistically significant scientific studies.

It is called OLON because it touches therapeutically all levels of man. Specifically, the approach positively affects biology, psychology, environment, social status, spirit, energy, body, general physical condition of the human being, individually and in combination at the same time. Hence, OLON Iasis™ evolves the biopsychosocial model with the therapeutic potential it offers to every part of the human being.

Dr Angel will be happy to offer you this revolutionary holistic therapy in group seminars so that you can receive the OLON Iasis™ healing approach, improve in all 9 dimensions of your being, improve your quality of life on all levels and achieve your goals in all areas of your life.

The 9 dimensions affected by the approach are:
1. Psychology
2. Biology
3. Social factors
4. Temperament
5. Spirituality
6. Karmic Fields
7. Individual Philosophy
8. Energy fields
9. Physical condition (Contact with Nature)

The seminar is based on 9 basic levels for everyone and some more levels for those who want to go deeper, as many as the 9 dimensions that the approach intervenes. Starting with the basic daily aspects of life in the 1st seminar which focuses on personal development and self-awareness, we will learn to recognize obstacles and overcome them in order to achieve our basic goals.

The main objectives of the 1st seminar are:
- Development & deeper understanding of the approach (analysis of all 9 dimensions with
- Self-awareness & Personal development
- Personal, family, professional & financial success
- Way of thinking & intentions
- Positive Holistic Psychology
- Objectives & Success
- Theory & Practical application
- Therapeutic tools
- Experiential exercises

For more information and registration please contact +30 2105911119 or email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The duration of the seminar is 2 days on 4-5/12/2021 & hours 11:00-16:00
Maximum number of people: 8-10 people
Cost/seminar: 260€
Priority will be given, due to COVID19 places are limited

By Dr Angel,

Dr Koskeridou Aggeliki (ProfDc, MSc, MBA, BSc (Hons), HND, ND)

ProfDc Psychotherapy, MSc Health Psychology, Naturopathic Doctor

AIU Dean & Director, Clinical Professor, Inventor, Holistic Therapist, ΟΛΟΝ™ Ίασης Founder


Insta: @Dr_AggelikiKoskeridou_Official

T.: +30 215 215 1990


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