Give solution to low back pain with Yoga exercises

Give solution to low back pain with Yoga exercises

Low back pain is a common phenomenon, especially in adults. It affects the quality of everyday life and requires serious physical improvements, for example weight loss in some cases, in order for the body to be relieved of pain.

Natural remedies give a response to a slower, but perhaps more permanent, solution to various musculoskeletal problems, without having the burden on the body with side effects, as is the case with various medications. This does not mean, of course, that the drugs are not necessary in many cases.

Yoga belongs to the category of natural therapies. It is an exercise that requires the combination of various bodily attitudes, breath control and meditation. Specific investigation suggested that benefited 320 patients with chronic back pain, a US hospital found that participants were less likely to use drugs for pain, after three months of practical yoga, while one more found that people who practiced yoga showed moderate to moderate pain in the short term.

Irrespective of scientific research - which, of course, has tremendous weight and value - our own experience may perhaps prove to us that it is worth trying to put yoga in our everyday life to better shield our body.

So what does our experience tell us?

When we devoted a little time to ourselves and made sure to strengthen the waist-related muscles in this case, and whenever we improved the elasticity of our body with various stretches or exercises (indicated by a physiotherapist, for example), we saw improvement.

Yoga is therefore a combination of these exercises and much more.

Indicatively, we suggest five stops to help with the back pain.

  • The cat's pose

This posture helps to stretch your spine and muscles. The trunk, the shoulders and the neck are undergone.

  • The Sphinx pose

This movement strengthens the spine and the buttocks. It stretches the muscles of the chest, shoulders and abdomen.

  • Lower dog

This downward bending can help relieve back pain and sciatica. It also helps to strengthen the body's balance.

  • Turn the trunk

This rotation promotes movement and mobility in the spine and back. It can help relieve pain and stiffness on the back and the hips.

  • Cobra's pose

It is still an attitude that focuses on sciatica, but also on relief from fatigue or stress.

Although yoga seems to be a natural remedy for the treatment of back pain, it may not always be appropriate for everyone. Your doctor's approval, especially in the most acute cases of illness, is recommended.





Aggeliki Koskeridou

Holistic Doctor – Counseling Psychotherapist

Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine

MSc c. Health Psychology

insta: dr_aggelikikoskeridou_official 


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