Grevena, a city synonymous with mountain beauty and ... mushrooms

Grevena, a city synonymous with mountain beauty and ... mushrooms

A few words about the "city of mushrooms" and a traditional recipe

Entering the town of Grevena you are certainly not impressed by the city's architectural design or aesthetics. You are under the impression that for some reason all residents have been forced to clutter each other over their homes for some unpredictable reason. But, still Grevena is special. And the reasons that make it special are many, indeed.

What impresses, in first contact with the city, are the mushroom monuments located in various parts of the city. Even if you do not know that the gastronomic tradition of the place is indissolubly connected with the mushrooms, the city is keen to inform you.

Grevena is surrounded by high mountains, wooded forests, rivers (even part of one crosses the city itself), stone bridges - ornaments of a past architecture - and of course mushrooms. The inhabitants love and appreciate this gift of nature, and for this they have highlighted it in their emblem - symbol.




Their kitchen has a lot to say about the mushrooms. There are traditional taverns that can explain to you all the secrets, varieties and flavor combinations, not even under the fault of the mass, and therefore bad, tourist product. The flavors are authentic and wonderful whether you choose a dish with mushrooms, meat or dairy products, as the county has a great tradition in livestock farming as well. Also, each August takes place the popular and distinct Pan-Hellenic Mushroom Festival.

In addition to the city center and the main square, a visitor is also required to walk to the traditional villages of the prefecture, making it an ideal destination for those who love exploring and adventure in nature. Stone bridges, numbering 17, are elegant and worth visiting. The most famous are in Trikmo, Portitsa, Kastro, while the largest stone bridge of Macedonia, Spanou, is only 15 km from Grevena.

In the nearby village of Milia there is the Museum of Natural History with Palaeontological Exhibition, where one can see the greatest recorded in the Guinness Book of Records of tartar in the world. There is also the modern building of the Municipal Central Library, where there are historical documents of the region, as well as the Municipal Museum, where fossilized bones of elephants and wild oxen are kept, as well as folklore exhibits.

It is a place where the newer history has left its traces intensely, while its people still have experiences to tell you. Talk to the locals. Their simplicity, their rhythms and their authenticity will please you as well as the products of their land.


Traditional Mushroom Mushroom Recipe with Wild Mushrooms



Mushroom dehydrated "Vouliti"

Mushrooms dehydrated "Black Trumpet"

Florina pepper


Dehydrated wild garlic

Dehydrated leek

Dewy nettle


Olive oil



The method is simple. We estimate that each serving needs about two glasses of water. After adding all the ingredients to our saucepan, along with some salt and pepper, let our soup boil for 20 minutes at medium temperatures.


Aggeliki Koskeridou 

Holistic Doctor – Counseling Psychotherapist

Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine

MSc Health Psychology

insta: dr_aggelikikoskeridou_official 


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