Mala: A Useful Jewelry for Yoga

Mala: A Useful Jewelry for Yoga

Jewelery has a prominent place in all cultures, ancient and modern. The primitive man wore ornaments, not only for the sake of beautification, but also to protect himself from enemy forces.

This tradition has survived to the present day in most peoples, who are accustomed to wearing jewelry with a special symbolism.

The yogic culture has been used since ancient times by the Japokala or Mala (Mala) rosary as a self-centered tool for the practice of meditation and prayer.

In Sanskrit Japa is called the recitation of mantras and mala means garland. So you have already figured out what its usefulness is.


What is Mala

This rosary is made up of 108 beads and is placed in the right hand over the middle finger. Its beads serve the count when repeating a mantra during meditation.

108 is of particular symbolic value to many Hindu and Buddhist traditions who consider this number to be the number of existence. Remember that in yoga practice 108 sacred texts are used and yogis make 108 greetings.

In Mala there is also a central bead, the 109th, called the Guru's bead. This bead is where the prayer begins and ends. In Sanskrit guru means "respected" and is used for yoga teacher but also to describe the divine.

When using Mala, we measure each bead separately, depending on the mantras. Once we get to the central bead, we don't include it in the count. Nor, however, do we overtake her, in a respect for something higher than us. So we pause, turn Mala 180 degrees and continue counting in the opposite direction.


A beautiful jewelry

Mala and its beads are made from various materials, mainly wood (basil, rose, rose, etc.) or semiprecious stones.

Each material has different properties, so it can affect the practitioner differently.

Mala is made with great care and care. It is characteristic that between each bead there is a handmade knot that ensures that the beads do not touch each other, and therefore do not attract attention by creating sounds.

In addition to hand, you can use Mala as a neck jewelry. Beautiful stone or other beads will adorn your neck.

As for how to choose the Mala that suits you, as we said, each material has different properties, so it's most likely you ... choose this, that is, the energy it contains.


By Dr Angel,

Αggeliki Koskeridou

Holistic Doctor – Counseling Psychotherapist

Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine

MSc Health Psychology

insta: dr_aggelikikoskeridou_official 

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