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4 ideas for personalized Christmas gifts

People who play a special part in our lives often want to reward them with materials. Yes, there are certainly many options on the market, but what better than a beautiful or tasty gift made by your own hands?

The time we spend for this purpose is always properly valued, even if what we have achieved does not live up to our expectations. Let's look at some of the things we thought about and of course don't hesitate to improvise on these ideas!

A Beautiful Bouquet of Flowers

With some flowers of your choice, a cellophane and wrapping paper the effect can be amazing! There are also Christmas flowers (real or fake that look like real ones) which can of course be an ornament to the home for which they are intended. Alexandrian, mistletoe, pine branch are some of them, but you do not need to limit yourself to them. Life and celebrations want color and imagination…

Handmade Candles

In fact, making candles is much simpler than it sounds, and after all, it's a great opportunity to get involved with it. The materials you need are: Candle crumbs, wax candles, glassware and, optionally, essential oils, candle or anchor paint, and a cheese grater or grater. Essential oils, as well as ingredients such as carnation, dried flowers or cinnamon sticks give a great result, which you will be very happy about in the end.


Sweets and Chocolates

The sweets or chocolates could be perfectly accompanying in a separate basket, why ... what would these celebrations be without the sweets? The proposals are really endless. You could make biscuits, truffles, brownies, your own chocolate praline in a jar or even a chocolate bar with nuts if you want to get rid of molasses and currybirds. How would you even seem to write the recipe on a beautiful card?


Handmade Wine or Liqueur

Of course it is a choice that requires time and special preparation. But if you intend to make something so special for someone or somebody, it's never too late. The process for lemongrass for example, however, is definitely simpler, so you can start there, at least for this year!


Keep another tip for an even more special gift. Spend quality time on the packaging. The box you choose, the basket or ribbon, card or wrapping paper are the ones that will make the difference, impress and even delight your people at first glance.

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