Dr. Angeliki Koskeridou


Koskeridou Angeliki is a psychotherapist and a naturopath. She is a graduate of Physical Medicine at Westbrook University, USA, with a retraining in Psychology of Health. She holds a Msc degree on Health Psychology, with basic studies in Synthetic Counseling Psychology, Psychotherapy and Systemic Family Intervention.


  At the same time, she completed her training on the following: "New Approaches to Child Psychiatry" in Children and "Education in Childhood and Adolescence" at the NDC. She is a member of sectors such as: British Association for Counseling & Psychotherapy, British Association of Counseling & Psychotherapy "BACP", British Supplementary Medicine Association CMA and President of the Pan-Hellenic Union of Alternative Alternative Medicine & Psychological Support "THERAPY". The All4Therapy Center for Health, which she founded in 2012, provides specialized counseling services for adults and children and support for psychological disorders such as:  anxiety disorders and depression, panic attacks, relationship problems, management of compulsive behaviors, eating disorders, smoking cessation, chronic pains and addictions.


 Furthermore, it offers a holistic approach to health problems, applying holistic medicine and alternative therapies, such as: physiotherapy, herbal therapy, therapeutic yoga, meditation, Reiki and electro-acupuncture. For that reason, she created a new treatment technique, the Holistic Psychosomatic Therapy Release | APD and the Angelic Regeneration Therapy ART. In the same place you will find specialized collaborators, psychologists, alternative therapists and doctors to address holistically health issues.


  Moreover, there are educational departments with recognized trainers in the field of Psychology, Alternative Therapy & Supplementary Medicine. The goal is to improve the quality of an individual’s life, as well as, a happier daily life based on Wellbeing and Health.



- BACP, British Association of Counseling & Psychotherapy.

- IAPLC, International Association of Professional Life Coaching.

- CMA, Complimentary Medicine Association.

-THERAPEIO, Pan-Hellenic Association of Supplementary Medicine & Psychological Support.

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Palaion Patron Germanou 10, 122 41, Aigaleo



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