Smart women are always in style



The smart woman is always elegant!

A smart woman, knows, how to treat herself at all levels. The proper dressing is an integral part of her personality because she can show it. The proper dressing is often be related to fashion but more related to a woman's personality, psychology, mood and profession. When we have a good relationship with ourselves, then we begin to realize that all answers come from within. It is also stylish, at the same time to make you feel comfortable and feminine.


The most crucial stage, is the function of a decision based on clothing. It is the same function according to the food we want to eat, or the friends we want to see. In fact, we receive energy vibrations that cover other levels of existence. For example, if we follow the laws of 7 chakra,s then usually the color we choose to wear is related to the color of the chakra that is under-functioning. When we wear the corresponding color then the chakra function is enhanced.


Dr. ‘Angel’, Angeliki Koskeridou will give you tips and clothes to show off your personality, improving your energy levels, psychology, impressing your daily routine, professional duties, trips and  human encounters.



The smart womanis alwayselegant!


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