10 plus 3 books on child and nutrition

10 plus 3 books on child and nutrition

A certain category of children's books that may not be as popular as it deserves, is about nutrition for children. We are talking about books that explain to children in simple words and cute, why they should learn to eat healthily, and what foods they need to put into their lives. Do not forget that through (these) books we certainly come out, as parents, winners as much as our children.

The list is longer than anyone thinks, it seems that many relevant scientists and writers of children's books - among them the well-known and so discussed Eugenios Trivizas - take a good care of the subject. With obesity "getting head" especially at the younger age, such nutrition guides would be a loss to missing out on children's libraries.

The following list - in ascending order of age - gives you a taste of these books that you can find on bookshelves. The description is from the presentation on the backs of the books.

There also are three extra titles that focus on the role of parents on the subject of nutrition for their children. 



    • Alexi eat something: 3+

    What does Alexis think about not eating his food? A strawberry riding in a truck. A milk, the right magical filter. Carrots that have the lens in their pockets.  Crocodiles who do not cry but laugh. And knights who beat them all.    


  • I live because there is food: Age 4+ years old

The series "I live because there is. . . "Includes 12 educational books addressed to children of the Kindergarten and the first classes of Primary and explain in a simple and pleasant way the phenomena of nature. Food is necessary!

    • Good appetite! : 4+

    Here, children meet a series of animals (hedgehog, elephant, fox, parrot etc.) in various activities, all of which are somehow related to food. The pictures, all painted by this great artist and educator, Eric Carle, with magnificent collages, mimic the imagination of children and promote their aesthetics. At the same time, a second section of nutrition information is running. 


    • The beautiful Darius: 4-7 years old

    Salads, fruits and legumes - is this a nice cat's food? Darius prefers garbage. But, if you go on the road, how are you going back? An adventure with surprises ...


  •  In the vegetable garden with grandfather and grandmother: 5+
  • Sophia is a child of the city but she spends all her holidays in the countryside, grandfather and grandmother who have a wonderful vegetable garden with all kinds of vegetables. Sophia will learn all the secrets of gardening and will discover the pleasure of watching her plants growing and enjoy herlabors on the plate! Returning from the countryside, Sofia decides to make the gardener... on her balcony. A small vegetable garden is born in the city...



  •  Mommy I eat right? : Age of 5 years
  • Imagine the following scene: You are in your kitchen and wondering what to cook for your child. Think (always): Make something healthy. Good work, ladies! Your next thought is that this "healthy" must necessarily involve something in a vegetable. Nicely. And at this point your limelight starts! Because your baby anytime hearing or seeing anything "green" starts running away...



  •  The flying disc : 5-6 years old
  • While Mrs. Katina was missing for a while from the kitchen, a toast, a hot pepper, a sugar cube, a teardrop, a potato whose tears run a faucet and their companions take a brave decision; to escape from the kitchen with a flying disc and travel to space where a thousand two wonderful and unexpected things await them!


  •  The golden puppy: 6-9 years old
  • Somewhere, somehow, sometime ... A little girl did not even want to hear about fruit ... What if everyone told her she was doing good to her health and growth, that unwise ... Sweet again ... Until some people have decided to take the situation in their "hands" or more specifically in their stalks ...


  •  And you mummy your halva: 7-8 years old
  • Every time she listens to her mom calling Varsavoula, the little one who does not like to call her Varsavoula becomes outraged:

    - You, mom ... your halva.

    The Varsavoula has a girlfriend, Amalia, that although she wants to become prima ballerina is not eating properly. And then she takes action.

    - Well done, Varsavoula , her mom's welcome.

    - You, mom ... your halva, she responds angrily to her in the hope that everything will happen as she dreams.


  •  Thumps up for health down for obesity: 9-15 years
  • The book answers the questions: - What is obesity? - How Can We NOT Become Obese? - What is the Mediterranean Diet - What is the Hygiene Diet Pyramid? - What are Mutants (GMOs) - Why are they saying that? - What is the Consumer? - What is Consumer Consciousness? - What is the Volunteer? - Why should we read the labels of the food we buy?



How to help an overweight child

Learn all the basics of a healthy and delicious diet, find the right form of exercise and give your children the appropriate stimuli. Put realistic goals, create a secure environment of love and support and help them to make a positive image their selves. In this book you will read the ways to analyze and adapt your children lifestyle without dieting them.

 Spectacular - Misunderstood

Adding 1kg inspired fairy tales, 500gr. unique cooking recipes, 2 teaspoons of tender illustration and many kilos of childhood fantasy, you will end up being the best blend for the most successful "tail-cooking". Four books from the unique Carmen Rouggeri that will excite young and adults with the inventive combination of fairy tales and cooking recipes. To teach children to eat all the foods in a simple and fun way!


Modern diet for children

The originality of the book lies mainly in the extensive reference that is made with clarity and bliss on issues such as the child's refusal to eat some food or sit on the table, the behavior of the parents towards a ghastly child and more generally the treatment of various problems with food. In this way, a key part of modern pediatrics is covered responsibly and scientifically, so as to set the right bases for the transition to adulthood.



Aggeliki Koskeridou

Holistic Doctor – Counseling Psychotherapist

Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine

MSc c. Health Psychology


insta: dr_aggelikikoskeridou_official 

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