The altenative therapies and Yoga as they presented at Rich Holiday Poor Holiday on Channel 5 of England by Dr Angel, Koskeridou Angeliki

The altenative therapies and Yoga as they are presented at Rich Holiday Poor Holiday on Channel 5 of England by Dr Angel, Koskeridou Angeliki

With great success the ProfDc Dr Angeliki Koskeridou presents the Holistic Yoga Retreat at the English reality show Rich Holiday Poor Holiday at Channel 5. The show Rich Holiday Poor Holiday is shown with great success on English Television produced by the Emporium Productions. It is a reality documentary show where participants from low socio-economic level are included in luxury vacations, while the most financially well-off participants are included in low budget vacations.

Holistic therapy - OLON Iasis
The experience of Luxury Holistic Retreat in Greece is recommended by ProfDc Dr Koskeridou Angeliki on English Television. Dr Angel as well as its homonymous brand presents, organizes and applies Psychotherapy, Holistic Therapy, Mindfulness, Holistic Alternative Therapies such as Yoga, Reiki and Ancient Greek Retreat based on the needs of the players in the show. More precisely, Retreat is a simulation of the Holistic Therapy OLON Iasis™ that Angeliki Koskeridou has formulated on her own. In her book "The Book of Holistic Therapy" published by iWrite in special greek bookstores, while it is internationally available in English & Greek language in eBook stores where you can read and implement, for self-improvement, the therapeutical tools of this method which not only acts on a psychosomatic level of symptoms, but also on the 9 dimensions of the human being.

Yoga Class on Retreat

Specifically on the 1st day Yoga was applied, as you can watch in the following links. First, the participating moms had to harmonize with the philosophy of Yoga and understand some things because they had never participated in a yoga class before. The yoga class lasted less than an hour, because it was the first time of the participants and it was better to join this philosophy gradually and without pressure. Some basic yoga exercises were applied such as Yoga Asana & Pranayama, as well as the Basic Principles and Philosophy of Yoga were being analyzed during the course. The technique "Sun Salutation" was the basic training for the 1st lesson in combination with exercises of balance, strengthening and flexibility.

Reiki Seaside Sessions

Traditional Usui Reiki has been systematically studied by many scientists but also by the therapist herself in her latest research conducted which was a comparative study that analyses the therapeutic techniques such as Yoga, Music therapy - Aromatherapy and Psychoeducation. Results have shown a great significance on Techniques and stress relieving as reported in detail in her book "The Bible of Holistic Therapy". So Reiki was chosen to be applied to participants who experience intense stress in their daily life, on the beach of Halkidiki by Dr Angel and they felt its therapeutic results immediately. Only one mom needed more time to realize the healing and beneficial effects of Reiki and this was achieved in one of the following days when the application was repeated in the villa.

Dr Angel’s Smoothies

“Dr Angel's Superfoods” by Dr Koskeridou Angeliki are the greek products bio guaranteed that have been included in the english Retreat program in order to help moms balance their body from the debauchery and overnight of the previous greek night-out and to "totally wake up" holistically in the morning. Overnight and alcohol consumption are not allowed in Holistic Retreat participants but the girls broke this important rule. Fortunately, Dr Angel's Smoothie was all they needed to get back on track.

Psychosomatic Diagnosis - Meditation
Dr. Koskeridou Angeliki has developed after experience with patients during the years a psychosomatic decryption technique that recognizes the deepest psycho-emotional causes of a physical symptom with great relevance and validity. Moms were called to ask an important for them question before engaging in meditation and the meditation method chosen was the “guiding meditation”. After returning from the meditation session, the participants managed to "get the answer" they were looking for and for those who were more blocked, Dr. Angel managed to unblock them and find the answer they were looking for, as happened with Kelly.

Trust Exercise
The exercise of trust was aimed at being able to strengthen the trust that existed between the participants who happen to be friends. What was observed is that most moms had trust at each other but as one participant mentioned, trust was something important for her that she wanted to regain for a long time. Many times, we may feel that we trust others but this exercise helped each participant to clarify separately how much she really trusts her friends and others.

A few words about the therapist
The ProfDc Dr Angeliki Koskeridou is the Dean and Director of the International University of Amsterdam, Doctor c. of Psychotherapy at the UCLan University in the UK, scientist, creator, author and holistic therapist specialized in Psychology, Holistic Health, Naturopathy, Herbal Medicine and the corresponding therapeutic interventions that she has been applying professionally for almost 13 years, while he started 22 years ago, from a very young age, as an amateur.

The episode could be watched live by all those who live in England at the following link on Sunday, while it has also been uploaded electronically to a corresponding link for the possibility of watching internationally.

Important links
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Dr Angel’s Smoothies:
Trust Exercise:






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