The ultimate fast food in Berlin (for vegan too!)

The ultimate fast food in Berlin (for vegan too!)

Sausage, french fries and ketchup are probably the fast food you can find in every corner of the globe., french frie can find in every corner of the globe.

Nothing special, nothing special. Except for Berlin! Currywurst reigns in the German capital. Sausage with curry sauce which is served 24 hours a day.

It is the most famous "dish" of Berlin cuisine although it was invented only in the late 20th century at the end of World War II. Who and when exactly "discovered" the recipe is unclear so urban myths give and pass.

Some argue that around 1949 an American soldier in the occupation force in Berlin ate pork sausage with ketchup and curry and inspired locals. Others say that a German woman in 1949 simply stirred a spice in a red sauce, and there are those who say that, also in 1949, another German slipped on the steps and mixed curry and ketchup in her hands.

Each story is accompanied by its own urban legend but they all agree that currywurst was born in 1949, so 2019 has turned 70 years old! Despite his ... age, the Berliners "love" him. In fact, everyone, Germans and visitors, adore it, as they consume 800,000,000 sausages each year with curry sauce and french fries, as Deutsche Welle recently wrote. Favorite fast food for tourists of all ages and wallets visiting the German capital. Even vegans can taste it as canteens also have vegetarian currywurst sausages.

If you wander the streets of Berlin's Kroitsberg district and suddenly see a queue of people waiting their turn in the canteen then you are definitely waiting to buy a sausage with sausage, curry sauce, french fries or breadcrumbs. This is such a simple and famous currywurst ...

Although simple, since it is a plate of three ingredients, the recipe is not one. Every canteen and fast food restaurant claims to own the only delicious recipe that is certainly their own "secret recipe". How secretive a three-ingredient recipe can seem to be outrageous, however, with a pork sausage and currywurst ketchup sauce ready.


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