The vegan Hamburg and it's 6 lovable vegan restaurants

The vegan Hamburg and it's 6 lovable vegan restaurants

The city with the 2,302 bridges that is Germany's largest seaside port, Hamburg on the river Elbe, answers the question of what we eat and what if our diet is vegan.


The answer comes from vegetarian restaurants and the variety of vegan eating options a traveler finds in Hamburg. Like small diamonds are the kitchens and menus of these restaurants that have seemed to flourish for decades in the port city that has cultural influences from around the world.


What about hot banana bread with soy "yogurt," homemade quiche with vegetables and curry, or a seafood burger?


HappenPappen can easily satisfy you for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Choose Chili Wasabilli Burger (sounds warm but not) with chili sauce, lettuce, rice burger, chickpeas and coconut, wasabi Mayo carrot and radish. Good choice and Indiana Jones with barbecue sauce, lettuce, seitan, soy cheese, tomato and caramelized onions.


If your Indiana Jones burger impresses you as a foodie at Mamalicious you will find Chuck nooris cornflakes with soy milk, you can eat whatever you want by paying once, The most important thing at Mamalicious is that you can eat with someone who is not vegan. One chooses soy milk and the other animal, the restaurant has both options.


What about Vegan Spaghetti Bolognese


They make it at the Cafe Nasch Vegetarian Restaurant and it's the best dish. Of course, instead of the traditional sauce, they use a tomato-based sauce of vegetables, onions and basil leaves. Cafe Nasch is completely vegan.


There is also The Burger Lab in Hamburg, which is not exactly vegan, but you can order it in a vegetarian version. The most impressive vegan burger with this black bean burger with tomato jam and avocado ... unforgettable!


The oldest vegan restaurant in Hamburg is Tassajara. Opened in 1976, all of its dishes have Asian influences, and one of the most popular modern vegan restaurants is Froidlichst.


The menu includes pizza, bakeries, bourbon and ice cream, but has become known mainly for its vegan buffet! Every Sunday they have a brunch buffet which is a celebration of super foods! 'Everything on offer, savory and sweet, is 100% vegetable based.

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