Wellbeing has its science

Wellbeing has its science

The field of Positive Health stands out from traditional medicine because it focuses on factors that can improve people's longevity and quality of life. 

So bypassing the boundaries of care - which is absolutely necessary and not underestimated or bypassed - or by the 'non-illness' situation a person can experience, this positive approach to Health sets the goal of achieving and maintaining good health.

It is, in particular, an industry that scientifically studies the factors that contribute to a good and healthy life. Beyond the factors associated with illnesses, therefore, Positive Health comes to highlight those factors in our lives that 'produce' stronger health.

It works to find out what are the factors that help in longevity, in healthy living, which reduce the risk of diseases and how they all contribute to lowering the cost of healthcare.

These factors include subjective-psychological, social-related functionalities (eg stable marriage, stable work), as well as biological factors, such as constant, low blood pressure. The scientist directly examines and studies, where appropriate, all of these factors individually and in their interaction.

The next step is planning interventions that help develop and maintain these factors to help people have a healthier and longer life. Positive Health changes how we think about health, but also about care.




What do future research hope to deliver?

Positive Health Scientists are already working to find out if there are any positive factors that can influence them to ensure healthy and long lives with research work. Potential factors to be evaluated through research are vitamin D levels, body mass index, optimism, the ratio of 'good' to 'bad' cholesterol levels, stable marriage, extremely low blood pressure levels, steady and significant work.

The following relationships or combinations are also included in the scientist's orientation:

- Life Satisfaction Level & Heart Disease

- Good social relationships and heart disease

- Psychological endurance and immunity

- Psychological endurance and heart function

- Exercise and heart disease

- Physical activity and lifetime

- Physical activity and obesity



By Dr Angel,

Aggeliki Koskeridou

Holistic Doctor – Counseling Psychotherapist

Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine

MSc Health Psychology


insta: dr_aggelikikoskeridou_official 

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