Yoga at Home in Quarantine - 4 Steps to Keep Your Calm

Yoga at Home in Quarantine - 4 Steps to Keep Your Calm

The days are kind of weird ... for all of us. The quarantine conditions experienced by the vast majority of our society - with the exception of those who continue to work - certainly make it difficult for us.



Each of us is looking for ways to fill our hours creatively or pleasantly. But what if you spent a few minutes doing yoga in the daytime - or at night -? Our experience tells us that the more we manage to integrate mental balance and tranquility into our daily lives, the better we respond to difficulties.


So follow these four simple steps to make the most of yoga at home now!


1. Do yoga quickly and pleasantly


If you can't manage a full 90-minute workout, don't worry. Even exercising for 10-30 minutes can allow you to get the full effect of a session or allow you to focus on specific muscle groups that may require a bit of stretching.

Stabilize your breath for a few minutes and meditate for 10 minutes. This will allow you to reap benefits throughout the day, even at night. It has been observed that these few minutes help to calmly cope with the challenges of the day and also to sleep better in the evenings.



2. Try to stabilize the practice time


Set an hour each day you can devote to your practice. Half an hour before your kids' morning wake up or right after you finish your morning commute - home now!

Establish yoga in your day with the same warmth that you will always brush your teeth or get breakfast. With this attitude we can very well adapt yoga to our daily habits.


3. Yoga out of the box!


Because yoga is of course not our mattress and the ideal environment, we invite you to apply the knowledge you gain through your practice where you can and need to. The basic

principles of yoga such as gratitude or temperament are weapons necessary for the challenges we are called upon to face in our day.


The patience, acceptance and endurance we learn to evolve within the classroom and on our mattress, let us become second nature and in environments less comfortable and certainly more strangling.

Take a step back, think calmly what you want to express and speak from the heart, but then not regret any impulsive move. Remember that yoga has also taught you how to breathe and calm your nervous system.



4. Get inspired


Social media is a 'necessary evil' of our modern society. If we use it properly we can win. When used incorrectly or abusively, only wounds, we measure, at the level of effective communication, the availability of our personal data and not only.


How can we connect yoga with these tools? A simple example is following your favorite yogi for better inspiration, but also getting in touch with our favorite habit and people know how to teach it properly. Instagram and Twitter can offer such opportunities.


At the same time, if getting a new mattress or a more comfortable blouse would make you feel more comfortable, say yes. Yoga is not in line with consumer culture, and we do not seek to cultivate it. We simply give a gentle emphasis on our aesthetics that can also play the role of motivation, when conditions feel pressured to meet the requirements in general.


But above all, listen to your body and spirit. Stress and the 'must', especially for the yoga part, are not the solution. Find what suits you every time, whether in content, duration or timeliness and follow it. The goal is to enjoy every second of your flow.


BY Dr Angel,

Aggeliki Koskeridou

Holistic Doctor – Counseling Psychotherapist

Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine

MSc Health Psychology

insta: dr_aggelikikoskeridou_official 

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