Yoga in the forest - Montanema

Yoga in the forest - Montanema

For those who seek harmony, beauty and the power of nature

Spring is beautiful. It is even more beautiful when you live in nature, when you smell its aromas, you taste its flavors and you are dazzled by its Renaissance beauty.

So there is a place that, to be accurate, we should pretend it as ... "Once upon a time there was a village that you could see that the god took a stone, threw it into the dense forest and houses there for the people to live full and happy".

The village is called Montanema handmade village and it is part of the area of ​​Anthochorion village, which is in the prefecture of Karditsa.

This is a travel experience that generously gives you the warmth of your stay and the beneficial power of nature, with daily yoga in a lovely forest room, overlooking the gorge of Anthochorion.

There you follow the rhythms of nature. You live moments of absolute relaxation and rejuvenation, in a place waiting for you to discover it step by step. It is just 4.5 km away from Lake Plastira, while with the melting ice of Montanema is connected with Anthochorifrom the intermediate gorge.

If you feel the journey and adventure as an opportunity for internal search, spirituality and connection with yourself this place is a suitable destination.

The forest road leading to the Montanema complex is an experience as the traveler crosses a Natura 2000 protected area and a wildlife sanctuary overlooking the Thessaly plain, Meteora and Olympus.

The design of the complex follows the principles of bioclimatic architecture and ecological building with predominantly wood and stone materials.


A few words about the village

For the construction of stone- built high- rise houses, local stone was used, while the cement screeds were made of kourashani material, the most traditional building material, the strongest and the most ecological.

Wall painting has been done with recognized and unpatented ecological paints, while the floors are made of baked clay that is natural and recyclable.

Both the construction of the road and the initial design of the project were taken into account of the estate with the least possible intervention, while large amount of trees and shrubs were planted in the area. The idea is for the environment to be in harmony with nature.

The waters come from natural sources of the mountain, while the raw materials of the products used come from local certified farmers and farms in the area, thus limiting the energy footprint of the area. 
Particular emphasis is also given to recycling, making compost from organic residues, ideal for the vegetable gardens of the site.

This is a place that is identical to the philosophy of Slow Living, offering the perfect backdrop for relaxation with luxurious accommodations, services and amenities as well as exploring nature.





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