How is music related to our health

How is music related to our health


An important writer of Art, Wolter Peter, wishing to show off the power of music, said, aptly, that “all the arts aspire to meet the music”. Indeed, music is so dynamic, and so the effect on human psychology and by extension on its body is great.

How does music work and has such an effect? How serious impact does music have on the human organism?

Some interesting aspects of the above questions come to approach and make use of Music Therapy. It is a scientific therapy that aims at the emotional development of man, and uses as its medium the music.

According to Music Therapist Dora Psaltopoulou: Music is a virtually emotional experience ... It has been scientifically proved to have a particularly significant effect on man through the acoustic nerve that ends up in the middle brain and acts in the emotional field of man.

In addition, the scientist says that music is also used in medicine to regulate blood pressure and blood circulation. This has the effect of relaxing the muscular and nervous system as well as helping to reduce medication. But changes can only be temporary in the psychosomatic condition rather than universal.

The science of Music Therapy, however, deals with the effect of music on the brain and body of man, more thoroughly. It is based on the interpersonal relationship and borrows techniques and methods from clinical psychology.

A key part of the theory is that man's ability to create is inherent in everyone, and that man is a musician. In treatment, the treated (or "client", as preferred, as a less passive term) becomes an energetic partner in therapy. Breathing, the tone of his voice, the pace of his movements is music, which the therapist reflects on a polyphonic organ, and is called upon to evolve it according to the stage of healing. Music works as a means of relaxing resistances, developing trust between the two parties and accessing the unconscious of man.

Other scientists in the industry, Nordoff & Robbins, have noticed that in some cases customers are identified with songs or melodic themes that have emerged in therapy. Consciousness and externalization of this identification is an important stage in treatment.

Creativity is one of the keys that helps us understand how the basis of this treatment is defined. Man discovers himself when he is creative, and with creativity we mean the use of objects or phenomena of external reality in the service of the inner reality of ourselves. It is the meeting of dream, imagination and inner self with the outside world.

Or, to go a little further, the music wasn’t brought by gods or the magic birds to the earth. It was created by the need of human beings to express their feelings, to be able to express their emotions and enthusiasm ... Music is as old as language. It is essentially as old as man.



Nordoff, P & Robbins, C. (1977). Creative Music Therapy, Individualized treatment for the handicapped child, New York The John Day Company.


Aggeliki Koskeridou


Holistic Doctor – Counseling Psychotherapist

Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine

MSc c. Health Psychology

insta: dr_aggelikikoskeridou_official 

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