Oregano essential oil: Make a natural antibiotic

4 steps to moisturize the damaged skin of your hands

The sensitive skin of our hands has been in a state of extreme discomfort lately, in our effort to follow the basic principles of cleanliness, for the non-dispersion of the corona-virus. Proper use of soap and much more antiseptics and alcohol is one of the main reasons for the dryness of our skin.

Oregano essential oil: Make a natural antibiotic

Oregano is one of the most common culinary herbs we use in Greece. However, in addition to its dried form, it can be used as an essential oil for purely medicinal purposes.

2 Natural ways to deal with stretch marks on our body

One of the most common changes in our skin that affect our aesthetics is stretch marks. They appear at some point in various parts of the body due to the sudden change in weight. The skin expands so much that it loses its elasticity at the end, thus creating these ‘cracks’ in the skin.

Homemade solutions for cracked lips

One of the most annoying symptoms of winter is chapped lips. If there is no other disease, dry and cracked lips are due to low temperatures. Although the weather does not yet seem to threaten us, it is a good idea to take our measures early so that you know how to hydrate when needed.

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